Crystal Breaux

Know Your Purpose
Manage Your Time and Live Healthy
Psalms 139:13
(the Message)

As a Christian Wellness and Life Purpose Coach, I want to help you discover TIME to get healthy, grow in Christ and fulfill your unique God given purpose.

Do you feel:

…Unclear about the purpose God has for your life

…Overwhelmed with so many things to do and all over the place

…Insecurity, fear, worry and the need for perfection keep you stuck

…A desire to eat and live healthy according to God’s standards and not the world’s



…Being clear on your PRIORITES and God’s PURPOSE for your life

…Knowing how to manage your TIME and get things done

…Being  CONFIDENT to do what God has called you to do

…Living HEALTHY, without RESTRICTIONS, following a well-balanced eating plan

…Having true confidence, managing your time and living healthy to fulfill your God given purpose.

I want to help you grow in CONFIDENCE, manage your TIME according to your priorities and get HEALTHY so you can live out your God given purpose.

Let’s not waste time!

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As a contributing author, I write for Created Woman magazine.
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